Monday, September 8, 2014


There is no other way to begin this post than to say we are deeply honored.  

We are honored to have been given the chance to tell the stories of 3 amazing women: 
Anna Mann, Sonia Kendrick and Althea Raiford.

Thanks go to them for trusting us to present their stories honestly. Their courage to lay themselves bare, to share their experiences of what it was like being in war and coming home and finding themselves changed in ways they could not at first understand, was humbling for us.

Making TERRA FIRMA challenged us in many ways. We wanted to push our own documentary filmmaking skill set to the edge and then see how much further we could go beyond that. It was not always easy, but we came out on the other side intact and still together.  Knowing what these three women went through, what other veterans have gone through, what they are still going through, guided us through our darkest days- we could not allow ourselves to give up on our mission to get this project completed. And that is what kept us going. 

Thank you to the staff of the Rome International Film Festival for selecting the film, and to all those involved in giving TERRA FIRMA the Special Jury Award for Documentary Feature Film and presenting us with one of the best festival statues, The Sylvia.

The award is for a thoughtful film that raises awareness about an important issue from a sensitive vantage point.

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