Thursday, September 4, 2014

All Roads Lead To ROME!

A brief history...

Our first film, the documentary short FARM! was an Official Selection at RIFF 2009.

Shot entirely on a Flip Ultra, (really), we were pretty blown away by how good it looked on the DeSoto Theatre screen.

And we got the film bug...

Encouraged, we acquired a better camera and got to work.

In 2011 we released the feature length
documentary GROW!.

GROW! was an official selection at RIFF 2011 and went on to win Best American Documentary.

Which brings us to this:

Our third documentary film to be accepted into the Rome International Film Festival.

We are honored to be an Official Selection at RIFF 2014 with TERRA FIRMA.

See you there.

Watch FARM! (Director's Cut)

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