Thursday, January 9, 2014

In the Edit Suite...

Cutting a sweet promo for super woman Kelly D. "Fearnothing" Carlisle's organization "Acta-Non-Verba: Urban Youth Farm" in East Oakland, California.

Kelly is the Founder and Executive Director. Know this: she means business.

Filming (we don't dare say "shooting") in East Oakland presents some difficult challenges where many have guns and don't hesitate to use them. We found ourselves driving around the streets getting 'B'-roll on the receiving end of some awkward moments and looks. There was one especially tight moment when a car following us for a number of blocks, finally pulling up along side at the stop light and, though not looking directly at us, the two older folks in the rental car with the movie camera, let us know that they knew we were here, then slowly drove on. Was the word going out? And what was the verdict? Was it going to end badly?
It was tense but we had to get the... shots.

There is an oasis in East Oakland... discover it.

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