Saturday, January 18, 2014

Experimental Short

Shot: 01/17/2014
Camera over cranked to 60fps
Playback at 24fps
Slowed playback another 30%

Music by: AMPULE

We have a fireplace in our bedroom (wood burning, thank you) that helps warm us on these winter nights. Staring into the dancing, licking, quivering, ever changing flames, we notice the almost trance-like calming sensation that overtakes us. The fire draws us in, captivates us and sparks our imaginations to wander.
Humans have been staring into fires for a hundred thousand years and you realize how connected we are to fire. It warms, it cooks, it protects, it entertains and it allows us to sit by it and contemplate everything, anything or nothing at all.
And it is a link to ourselves 100,000 years ago.
It was this connectivity that got us wondering about slowing down time and going back into our primal brain to stare at an ancient fire.

It's only three minutes long... go for it.

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