Monday, August 4, 2014

Interiors - ONE

When we are not shooting another film, shooting another FIELD TRIP! episode, shooting personal projects, shooting pool, drinking beer and driving at magic hour with the top down and the music blasting, we go on photo assignments for magazines.

This week we'll be sharing some selected highlights from the last few months of shooting interiors for assorted magazines.

Thank you to all the photo editors for bringing us onboard, the field editors for finding these amazing locations, all the homeowners that let us into their homes and lives (and allow us to create havoc for few a hours), and especially to the stylists who make it look so great.


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WOWZA.....that space is downright off the charts cool!

Anthony-Masterson said...

Agree with you Sherry- This location practically shot itself- there were so many great setups we couldn't stop. In Nashville BTW.