Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Hanging with the shooters...

We don't get to hang out with other photographers much.

When we're shooting, our days are spent with each other plus stylists (props, wardrobe, food), writers, field editors, photo editors, designers, property owners, clients, assistants, assistant assistants, location people, talent (adults, children, animals), wranglers (children, animals and their parents/owners). But other photographers? Not so much...

Oh, we might run into one picking up/dropping off gear at PPR but beyond that?

So the Wholesome Wave Georgia Farm To Frame event Friday evening was a real blast.
So many great photos; so many amazing photographers.

Left to right: Heidi Geldhauser, Kenan Crawford Hill, Ali Harper Wittorf, Christine, 
Andrew Thomas Lee, Owen, Mary Blackmon, Lizzy Johnston.  
Photo courtesy SpravkaImaging.com

Thanks Sara Berney, Judith Winfrey, WWG
Thanks Thomas Spravka for shooting the shooters (and everyone else who attended!)

The exhibit runs through July.

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