Thursday, May 15, 2014


#1: Headed up to Mt. Vernon, Kentucky for the first hemp planting in Kentucky in a long time. 

Although hemp cultivation has been included in the Farm Bill, (that would be the US Congress saying it's all right) opposition from various groups who think it's marijuana- you know: the devil's weed- are popping out of their holes.  

We will be there to photo document the planting and voice record interviews and interactions as they occur. 

(Does anyone really think the DEA is going to bust a bunch of veterans for planting a crop that the US Congress has approved of?) #rhetorical


#2: On Saturday May 17th Growing Warriors will be hosting a free screening of TERRA FIRMA- A Celebration of Women Veterans at Renfro Valley. We have taken steps to insure that Sonia Kendrick from the film will be in attendance.

May 15- Thursday6:30PM at the Rockcastle County Courthouse, 3rd floor Teleconference Center for a public forum on industrial Hemp with Mike Lewis and Craig Lee.

May 16- Friday: 12noon planting - Location TBR (To be revealed)/Later: music, food, party

May 17- Saturday: 1pm TERRA FIRMA screening at Renfro Valley/Later: music, food, party

Thank you Mike, Tia, Josh, Robert,  Hank, Fred, Duane, Betty, oh gosh- KHGCA, and... just  everyone involved in this historic event for putting this together.

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