Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Spring Time at Wheat Street Garden

Billy, Farm Worker
Amakiasu Shabaka Ford, Summer Camp Director
Kamal Nuri, Strategic Planner
Rashid Nuri, Urban Farmer, Founder, Truly Living Well

We try to get out to Wheat Street at least once a month, but work on our documentary, GROW! kept us away. These photos are from our first spring visit. Scroll down and you'll be able to see the progress. Thanks to the efforts of many volunteers, farm staff and donations, the farm is now up and running and selling vegetables every Friday from 3-7 p.m. off Auburn Ave. at 75 Hilliard Street N.E. Atlanta, 30312.
Starting in June, there will be 3 sessions of Summer Camp, a fun-filled opportunity for kids 7-14 to learn all about growing food along with participating in games, art, swimming, and to keep them on their toes, a little reading and writing.
For more information: Truly Living Well

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