Monday, December 27, 2010

Atlanta's first urban organic farm!
Wheat Street Garden

Rashid Nuri (right), with Eugene Cooke his CFO (Chief Farming Officer)
volunteers and staff
55 raised beds sit on concrete pads of the former low income housing project

On a vacant lot in downtown Atlanta where low income housing projects once stood, Rashid Nuri, Visionary, Urban Farmer and Educator is realizing his dream of an urban organic farm. The 4 acre site is leased from the historic Wheat Street Baptist Church. The vision for the farm includes 100 fruit trees, vegetables, beehives and flowers, bringing beauty and much needed fresh food to an area that could be described as a food desert. The farm will provide, not only food, but also educational and work opportunities for the neighborhood.
The seed money for the project was provided by the Atlanta Falcons Youth Foundation and the EPA. Since the groundbreaking on December 5th, in-kind and monetary donations are helping to keep the project going and expanding. There's still lots to do.
If you'd like to help contact Rashid at:

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